Summit 2021

This page serves as an archive of 2021 CUPUW Summit “What Casuals Want: Getting Organised for Bargaining and Beyond” held on April 9th and 10th via Zoom. See information here about the event as well as essential resources for casual university workers to get organised.

2020 saw casual higher education workers organising to win back pay, and putting the systemic wage theft in our sector in the media spotlight. This year workers are bargaining with universities intent on further austerity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tens of thousands of workers have already lost their jobs. Casuals need to be well-prepared for bargaining in this context, starting with what we want from our union and our universities.

In April 2021 CUPUW hosted the “What Casuals Want” Summit and this page provides links to the events program and other key resources.

Summit Program: View online here or download here.

Deep Organising Manuals: Brief manual and detailed manual.