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CUPUW Media Releases

Casual university workers call for sector-wide reforms to tackle underpayment, February 2022

CUPUW recommends parliament reject proposed amendments to the Fair Work Act, February 2021

Higher ed policy and disability” – Interview with Pan Karanikolas from CUPUW on Thursday Breakfast 3CR Community Radio (00:09:10 omnwards), 18 November 2021

Casualisation at Australian Universities” – Interview with Giles Fielke from CUPUW on Thursday Breakfast 3CR Community Radio (00:09:10 onwards), 28 October 2021

“How to help the vast uni workforces that managements undercount”Campus Morning Mail 14 April 2021

“Casual university staff speak on precarious employment before senate committee” – Claire Ollivain for Honi Soit 13 April 2021

“Guardian Live News” Naaman Zhou for The Guardian 13 April 2021

“Casual Wage Theft in the Corporate University” – Ellyse Fenton and Liam Kane for Arena 18 March 2021

“The exploitation of casual workers in the university sector” – Saskia Beudel for Kill Your Darlings 8 February 2021

“Challenging the casualisation of academia” – Ellen Smith for The Saturday Paper 30 January 2021

“Our jobs at universities are precarious and overburdened. The pandemic has made them harder”The Guardian 20 August 2020

“University underpayment so rampant tutors ‘instructed to do a poor job’ to avoid unpaid hours, former staff say” – Conor Duffy for ABC News 18 August 2020

“University of Melbourne to repay millions to staff after decade-long underpayment practices”, Conor Duffy for ABC News 5 August 2020

“Cashed-up university sector accused of hypocrisy over mass casualisation of workforce, job losses” – Conor Duffy for ABC News 17 July 2020

“’It’s awful for our intellectual life’: universities, Covid-19 and the loss of expertise” – Celina Ribeiro for The Guardian 20 June 2020

Casuals reporting on casualisation

Submission to Senate Inquiry on wage theft by La Trobe Casuals Network, 2021

‘Under the pump, unpaid and uncertain,’ a report on uni casuals experiences during COVID-19 by UNSW Casuals Network, 2020

‘Stealing Time,’ a report on wage theft and underpayment by USyd Casuals Network, 2020

‘Hide the Pain Away,’ a report on uni casuals experiences during COVID-19 by Monash Casuals Network, 2020