The Fox

The Fox is a newsletter written by and for casualised, unemployed, and precarious university workers. The Fox is a tool for a more connected, informed and powerful coalition of workers, ready to bite back when provoked.

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Past issues

23/12/2021 – The Fox #11: NTEU National Council, wage theft, 2020too

22/07/2021 – The Fox #10: NTEU Election reminder

11/05/2021 – The Fox #9: Dangerous ideas, the Casuals’ Summit, the conversion question, incivility

18/02/2021 – The Fox #8: Reflecting on 2020, submission to the IR bill, the limits of legal rights

07/12/2020 – The Fox #7: A win at UniMelb, the argument for CUPUW, ‘VC Awakens’, end-of-year sign-off

23/11/2020 – The Fox #6: On bullying, the marking Inferno, Murdoch’s member protocols, voluntary redundancies

10/11/2020 – The Fox #5: Voting rights for casuals, the arguments for deep organising

26/10/2020 – The Fox #4: ANU change management revisions, solidarity with AUWU, LGBTIQA+ rights, the NTEU strike fund, Michael Thomson’s mistake

12/10/2020 – The Fox #3: Origins of the Fox, against big publishing, Tehan’s reforms, wellbeing tips from management

28/09/2020 – The Fox #2: Migrant Workers’ Centre, cops off campus, against casual employment, no cuts (a nursery rhyme)

14/09/2020 – The Fox #1: Organise against wage theft, lockdown blues, RMIT campaign against cuts